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click here to read Cultural Hegemony by Mark Murphy

p o e t r y

Cultural Hegemony
Voices in the Margins

b y   M a r k   M u r p h y

"Every act is political. Every age is political. Our age deserves a literature that challenges the prevailing ideology, the ideas that war and privation for countless millions of the world's poor are necessary evils."

click here to read poems by Mark Murphy

P O E T R Y S T O R I E S - F I C T I O N
photo Rebecca Lu Kiernan

An Unkindness of Ravens
Part 1: Poems 1 to 22

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Rodger Jacobs 10 inches of Hail in Watts
Ghost Land
Sixty Per-cent

The ghost of Jack London and Hollywood, through the eyes of a veteran screenwriter.
by Rodger Jacobs
Ruth Mark poet

Poems from
the Other Land

by Ruth Mark

Strange Stories
& Curious Characters

with illustrations by Jonny Voss

by Alan McCormick
Spring Rain in Italy
Slow Trains South

2 poems about sense of place

by Robert Marcacci
Tim Sullivan

D i n g a l i n g
A Brief Fiction

by Tim Sullivan

click here to read poems by Padraig McCormack Electric Elegy
for  the  Mad

a collection of poems

by Padraig McCormack
stephen moran picture on 3 Stories
+ Live Reading of
"The Silver Circle

by Stephen Moran
Subtle Delight
a collection of poems

by Michael Lovatt
russell bittner stories on The Girl from Baku
6 stories of desire

by Russell Bittner
click here to read Robert Gibbons' Beyond Time Beyond Time
38 poems on
moments of passage

by Robert Gibbons
click here to read Darran Anderson's Life After Godhood Life After Godhood
and other outraged stories

by Darran Anderson
sonja broderick live poetry reading on deaddrunkdublin Live Readings
Bog & Other Poems
10 poems spoken clear like a Kerry stream, and rippling too.

by Sonja Broderick
I, Caroline
Up up up
The Sea Saw

by  Nuala Ní Chonchúir
F i n g e r
A moving painting full of incident... a play on the music of John Cage

Konstantina Chochlaka

click here to view ethiopia pictures The Light Within
60 Photos of Ethiopia

by Chris Martin
Dead Drunk Dublin & other imaginal spaces is published
when the muse moves and the fates allow from Dublin, Ireland.
S    U    B    S    C   R    I   B   E
t o   o u r   f r e e   e z i n e
Russell Bittner A Year of Musing Dangerously p o e t r y
A Year of Musing Dangerously

A Cycle of 12 Poems

by Russell Bittner
Rodney Nelson photo p o e t r y
Among the Unawake
Poems from the Great Plains

by Rodney Nelson
Frank Walsh photo p o e t r y
The Middling Class: 2
by Frank Walsh

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click here to read One of Many Preludes by Robert Bohm p o e t r y
One of Many 

a collection of poems

by Robert Bohm
click to read p o e t r y
in Winter

a collection of poems

by Conan Kennedy
click to read p o e t r y
21st Century
Indian Love Songs

a collection of poems

by Abha Iyengar
click here to listen to music by Donnacha Dennehy

m u s i c
Grá agus Bás
excerpts & compositions

by Donnacha Dennehy

click here to view animated paintings by Konstantina Chochlaka

v i d e o   p a i n t i n g s
Aim  &   Finger
inspired by the music
of John Cage

by Konstantina Chochlaka

Irras Han photo p h o t o p o e m s
the movement between

by Irras Han
C   H   A   N   G   E   S

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