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red heart back photo by a lovatt
the nose, paris : s. mcdermott

c o n t r i b u t e

g u i d e l i n e s   f o r   s u b m i s s i o n


Our online magazine is about furthering the creative spirit in full diversity. We are open to all forms of art and expression, regardless of style or genre. The only creative guide is universal - explore the boundaries of experience & push the doors of perception. Read "about" and "manifestly unobvious" for background.

P O E T R Y   &    W R I T I N G
Should be gathered into one file, together with your full name and contacts at top, plus a short introduction about yourself and your work. Mail this to the editor. We cannot guarantee a reply to unsolicited submissions. If you want to send a reminder email or two, you are welcome and they may spur our attention.

If you are submitting to other publications at same time, please let us know. We don't mind this nor if your work has been published before, and will credit & link where appropriate.  "New & improved" belongs in the supermarket.  Good writing, art and music have their own voice and value.

A R T ,  P H O T O S ,  V I D E O ,  A U D I O  &  M U S I C
Send a sample or two attached in email, with some introductory words about yourself and your work - to the editor. You can send URLs for online samples, which we enjoy seeing, but there is no guarantee we will have time to view them.

As creator you have and hold all copyright to your creative works. Dead Drunk Dublin is a non-commercial online magazine. We carry general copyright notices to protect all work. You always own your work. It is our view that creative works should always be owned by their creators. When we begin publishing for print we will arrange copyright with chosen contributors along equitable lines.

You can reach the editor, Andrew Lovatt, by email here.

to contact the editor, email or use our contact form here
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