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ethiopia pictures by chris martin

the light within
ethiopia pictures

dec 02 - jan 03
chris martin
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The War Memorial at Pallanza, Lago Maggiore, Italy

the war memorial
in pallanza
Lago Maggiore, Italy

s. mcdermott

photos by ossian lennon


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The Old Mill at Victoria Bridge outside Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland, digital photos by Sarah McDermott and Andrew Lovatt

the old mill
at victoria bridge
st patrick's morning, 2003

s. mcdermott & a. lovatt

Leticia, black and white portraits by Ignacio Fusilier


ignacio fusilier

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warden's house overlooking san francisco bay by sarah mcdermott alcatraz
under the walls

san francisco bay, usa, 01
s. mcdermott

clane dawn pictures by andrew lovatt clane dawn
pictures from the night

clane general hospital, co kildare
nov 01 - a.lovatt
morning in kildare digital pictures by andrew lovatt through the fog

morning in kildare
oct 02 - a.lovatt

river liffey millennium bridge digital photoby fjp

dublin wide
& panoramic

pictures from the
composite collection
by fjp


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south city market, dublin - a.lovatt













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