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aspen mag-azine

these are our lives
the stinging fly

edited by Declan Meade

harriet monroe image link to yale library, editor of poetry, and the imagists
Harrient Monroe &
the Imagists

Philip Whalen remembered
on the big bridge

an amazing photo gallery
of public lettering styles

weekly news, gossip, rumour
about paris at the
café metropole

l i n k s

Marineau art blog
Marie-Claire Redon


aspen mag-azine
a rare publishing phenomenon, aspen publisher phyllis johnson produced 10 issues - each a box (magazine) containing multi-media contributions from a 60s who's who in the arts - andy warhol (who edited issue 3), john lennon & yoko one, samuel beckett, john cale, j g ballard, bill borroughs, allen ginsberg, lionel ziprin, ira cohen and a litany of artists, painters, composers etc. the web version will keep you enjoyably exploring for a good time with writings, images and mp3 music.
special: jack macgowran reading beckett's "text for nothing no.8" - click here.

the stinging fly
under the editorship of declan meade the stinging fly has consistently delivered the widest variety of new writers and poets to irish and international readers. often cash-strapped, the fly nonetheless delivers nicely printed editions that are a pleasure to be-hold. subscribe online and help keep the fly buzzing.

harriet monroe & the imagists
very nice and concise yale library page on the editor of poetry: a magazine of verse, which introduced the imagists, pound and hd.   also see the beinecke rare book & manuscript library pages for ee cummings, pound, hd, and gertrude stein.

the big bridge
a webzine of poetry and everything else; featuring works by michael rothenberg (see poems), ira cohen, david gitin, anselm hollo and a host of folks. pay a visit!

ignacio fusilier
ignacio (whose photos appear herein) is an architect, photographer and painter who lives in buenos aires, argentina. check out the photographic, art and design galleries

public lettering: a walk in central london
beautiful in an architectural way... slow load due to lots of crisp, colorful pix. "This site is based on a walk by Phil Baines for his graphic design students which was then written up for the 1997 ATypI conference. "

opening the space
mapping the transition from page to screen - a guide & toolkit for creating new works in interactive space. part of the trAce online writing centre at nottingham trent university, uk.

the electric acorn
twice yearly ezine of the dublin writers workshop, edited by nessa o'mahony (see poems), featuring new irish writers & poets - a must visit. enjoy! also, check out the dublin writers workshop for news, poetic postcards, acorn mailing list, irish literary links, competitions and more.

the café metropole, paris
a weekly online magazine about paris edited by ric erickson - "for lovers, dreamers, hopeless romantics and ordinary visitors to Paris." tune in mondays for fresh news and feature articles written by habitués, the latest cine & art posters, weather and goings-on. pull up a chair and uncork a bottle of wine... the archives go back to 1996!

paul muldoon
slick and simple design featuring the pulitzer prize winning poet. born in armagh, n. ireland, muldoon's site covers his extraordinary rise to poetic prominence, and features excellent quality live audio readings. a comfortable space you will want to revisit often.

poetic voices
robin travis-murphee's website may look like a jangle of early html styles, but a little browsing will reward with a rich archive of writings, interviews and poetry. solidly packed. a very worthwhile visit!

nice literature - searchable directory
Nice Literature says it is "the most useful website to find literature, poetry, fiction, hypertext, hyperdrama, hyperpoetry, kinetic poetry, visual poetry, recorded readings, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, interactive fiction and more." Give them a try and let us know your impressions.

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