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frank walsh
as seen
by a.lovatt

phila. pa. usa
4 jan 03



the captain blue
by andrew lovatt

I saw the light
pour forth
blue & scintillating
from the eyes first
then in the denunciation of voice
an oracular sonnet in himself
speaking vernacular poetry
enunciated in architectured syntax
that fell & exploded
like little bombs
of clear distinction

a laugh
an absurdist guffaw
punctuating the myth of listening
knowing well
that few of us
are so enobled
as to hear
between the lines
beyond the symbols
our words make

the captain blue
shone his color
as a lighthouse beacon
between the absolutes
of the now and then
illuminating the illusion
of concreteness
the given things
we hold holy
in our terror
of the new

then he turned
and whistled
grinning sea drunk
old salty Pan
his words
drifting and settling
into little islands
one grain
of sparkling sand
at a time




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