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p o e m s

c h r i s t o p h e r   l o c k e

r u s h

t h e   c h o r e

w i t n e s s

d e s i r e

n o r t h   s t a r

k i t t e r y   p o i n t


I write because I have no choice in the matter...
There, I've said it. And this isn't some pseudo-intellectual 'more-realized-than-thou' oh, the tortured soul artist crap. It's just the truth. I believe, ultimately, that if art is to be successful, then it must be communication first; that is your job if you create. I don't wanna hear about any Emily Dickinson hide my writing in my bureau stuff--that's bullshit. When I share a poem, send it out into the world, I want people to feel the way I felt the moment I finished the piece; (though 'finishing' a poem is really a misnomer, as no one really finishes a poem--they just decide to stop working on it). I want to make my writing something more than just palpable--it needs to be visceral. It's not so much an ego thing, (this desire to redirect a 'felt-thought' from brain to paper to stranger) as it is sharing thing; anyone can share a bagel with someone, but if someone is capable of having me experience what they felt, saw, did, then my life is more fulfilled and even, yes, dare I say, enriched.

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