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All That Does Come of Madden'd Days
by d garcia-wahl
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d e   l a   s a n g r e

d.  g a r c i a  - w a h l

She weeps the same tears as Mary
Her knees accustomed to supporting the
weight of her frame and heart
filled heavy of faith
Kneeling alone in Mayan church
once una missa catolica ends with
newfound guilts and
displeasures of the personal
Faces sketched haunted having filed out
Her family gone as well
Those who labeled her with madness
in turn doing so - damned
No need to anchor once outside Eden
In the whites of the eyes
it is found
the madness born
The fever raging is the defense
a hollow cry of mercy of the soul
Torment in the pulse
She comes directly to Christ
for she gives no trust
to eyes that shift through the priesthole
Her prayers are for God - her pity for the church
Beneath the statuette of Jesus
spread out bloody on wood
in spiritualized, unnatural death
her brown hands clasp for strength,
bright teeth bite beads
This the very moment of mercy!
Impassioned sister,
call to him!
Pray his name aloud
in the wail that unhinges the priest
and startles the nuns
who in turn pray for her
to find comfort through silence
Find your forgiveness come streaming through your cries
in this house meant for the holy
Oh basilica
open thy creaking doors to the mad
Darken the glass stained of sins
Candles at alter burning for the insane
Bells ringing summoning the deranged
Organs chiming Bach for the crazed
Fill the pews with lunatics
and bring them a saint
that they may call their own
Oh basilica - Oh priest
begin this acceptance now with the one who
quietly sobs
head dropped
hands relaxed on thighs in hopelessness
still keeping thoughts to the grotesque carving of the
savior above her
Bless her!
Virgin angel
Her white dress soiled with the blood she menstruates



© copyright 2004 : d. garcia-wahl


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