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Rodin in front of The Gates of Hell, reflected in a mirror
by jessie lipscomb (1887)

g a t e s   o f   r o d i n

d.  g a r c i a - w a h l

Whereas Ghirberti had bronzed paradise
The unfathomable can be found more explicit
By the doorwell as much mirror as it is plaster,
A question posed: By what sins is there a rising in Hell?
As declension must have a counter balance
Avarice is brought in holy quantities
The expulsion of shades that have drowned in spirit are still
The Biblical myths pray in their falling
And incomplete as is all sin
In vignettes of lamentation
Never has the human form been more naked
Never have beliefs passed by so rapidly
Even if discord is not visible to you
Face your sorrow and it is sculpted in portal




© copyright 2004 : d. garcia-wahl



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