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autumn (chinese vers) : d garca-wahl

h i v e s

d.  g a r c i a  - w a h l

His mouth moaned incantations
that trembled his lips
in a room writhing for air
From what act
does the affliction derive itself?
Eyes glued shut to blindness
Sweat, the palest blood,,,
soaking into the bedsheets
leaving invisible stains
Red, swelling, burning pox
freckling his catacomb skin
like bags of sins Jesus left behind
With each sleep,
living damnation fanned anew
Aching - fearing
that this sickness may be brought upon
as the ills of manâs contempt
and the ungoverned addictions to God
Could it be the philosophies of one man
that this torment engulfs to leave empty
as it was
his words
his thoughts
that created this schism?
And as philosophy begs for judgment,
could it be a hoary trial
that crawls beneath this histamine flesh?
No struggle
For the flesh is cowardice
to philosophy's strength
Each time surrendering to God's sweeping
proclamations of truth
So the bones crack with thirst
"Mercy" drowning in the throat
as he leans his head back
swallowing blasphemy



© copyright 2004 : d. garcia-wahl


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