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self portrait by duane locke on

a doctor of philosophy
, english renaissance literature, professor emeritus of the humanities, and former poet in residence at the university of tampa for over 20 years. 1000s of poems published in places such as american poetry review, nation, bitter oleander; and online in many ezines. published 14 books and 3 e-books, the squids dark ink, from a tiny room, and the death of daphne.

"i've also been painting for many years and have exhibited widely. Also, a photographer, with over 184 photos in ezines. i focus on close-ups of trash tossed away in alleys. [ed note: see poems to view photos.]

my old biographical notes, now obsolete, stated that i lived in an old decaying house in the sunny tampa slums. that house was condemned by the city inspectors, and after living at this location for fifty years, i was forced to leave within six days.

this forced move was due to the collapse of the bungalow in my large back yard. the bungalow contained a priceless literary & scholarly library which is now 'housed' under debris.

the fall also crushed my car, so i am car-less too.

as a transient, i am temporarily living, bereft of all my possessions, as an exile by Lake Morton in Lakeland, Florida."

p o e m s

:  d u a n e   l o c k e

nearness, separation

her devotion to the past

misplaced love


the professors

temporary blindness

the seen, the unseen


the murder of nymphs



broken green shards in alley, photo by duane locke
trash alley art 001 by duane locke

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