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from an original photo on The Digital Iris

night paving

: f r a n k   w a l s h

The storms are on
the increase no
matter what fact
they assign them
to and more violent.

Trains, planes and
automobiles go
under, the toll
mounts even the
satellites vanish

The shadows lengthen
across all border
checkpoints vast
networks watch all
but the left hand

The timetables yet
followed through
from point A to
point Omega fall
apart at the seams.

The phone rings
for hours on end
some one forgot to
hold hands, a kiss
could have saved us

without delusions
despair for certain
brave words for one
who has lost touch
even with symbols.

Things might turn tables
overnight dreams
arrive offering
a way out of
our magnifcent cages.


1997 -- 2002


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