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knock nun by fjp


:  f r a n k   w a l s h

I need to go to where
the humans are or at
least huddle near the walls
and barbed fences behind which
they are kept for now

this nausea has grown
intolerable and the poisons
overwhelm every shift
of the head makes me
dizzy, full of dread

not fear; the lesson,
the hot and cold embraces
lie in the past, I'm
only just well over that
taken to where animals go

I much enjoyed the visit,
in fact, sowed the pinch
of seeds you found without
a second guess in the folds
of my trouser pocket linings.

If such talk smacks of death
beside myself I should know,
yet I sense the full expanse
of life, the open hands like gulls,
as if from a cliff above the sea.


3- 30- 03



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