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f o r   j e a n   g e n e t

g r e g o r i o   r a c a d i o

I took it for you, deep in my heart
I stole from the rich, with ferocity and fervor, slammed it inside the front of my pants
In the glow of the noon sun, with stained faces, and a sickening stench that plagued the boulevard, I noticed your mug displayed in the window
A biography with all your veiled secrets, spelled out in such complicated verse
you, my father, my lover, my thief of love
A child with no home, numb to the crowds and sour to the light
You beckoned me from the corner of 5th avenue and 19th street
With a smug grin, and those searching eyes
Enraged, but always smitten, I tackled the crowd
Walked through the sea, hands free to brush against the soft pricks and firm thighs
Always with a polite nod and shake of the head
I tore open the glass doors and headed straight to your side
Snatching you up, I cupped you close to my breast
Slipped you tightly against my cock, hard as I dreamed you would be
I maneuvered your position to where you rested directly on my head
In that heat, my crotch was acrid and fertile
My head brushing against your face as I fled
The thievery of love, of my blistering heart, was all consuming
Tears smeared against my cheeks and a whistle in my soul
I stole you from your postmortem prison and offered you a home
My wandering orphan, you now rest next to someone who truly loves you



© copyright 2004, gregorio racadio, all rights reserved


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