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b e s t i a r y   t h e o r y

:  j o h n   b r y a n

A bestiary is a serious work of natural history, and is one of the bases upon which our own knowledge of biology is founded, however much we may have advanced since it was written.

devotion to all types of were, theriomorphs or
any mental / physical shape shifters of the queer variety.
an extremely limited history, stretching only
from the 1980's.
i tend to use the phrase werewolf myself
because the word ' were ' looks more
like a bad shape shifting of ' we're '.
in these modern times people tend to choose
what animal they've become based on
what they feel like and relate to
how can a were be queer? - well,
to make a long story short, by being so.
i can't tell you how many sad people believe that
because they are or want to be part of
the werewolf community that they can speak for
all others, there is plenty of animal research
documenting homosexual behavior in
many species, wolves included.
and as for ' werewolves are aggressive, so they
can't be gay ', well ...
tangentially i'm part of the bear and fuzzy
communities but could not be considered
a bear per se. i am also interested in
non - queer vampire minorities.
belief in werewolves and other shape shifters
is just that, a belief. some believe that they
can actually become an animal mentally or physically.
i cannot speak for the mental part, but i have
not seen any physical transformations myself.
according to current biology and physiology, it
would be difficult to change shape so drastically
and quickly and would use a lot of energy.
that makes it less likely, but not impossible.
current theories in physics state that the
transformation would require the creature
to have the same weight in every state.
again, this makes it less likely
that the transformation would occur, but not impossible.
i tend to avoid answering if i
am a shape shifter. confirming or denying
this will not convince those who truly need to
believe such things one way or another ...


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