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photomontage by maria pace                                        

c y c l i c   r e d u n d a n c y   c h e c k

:  m a r i a   p a c e

Love dashed from licking laundry
The tendrils of your fragrant froggy mingle
with the air and trees. A lone gradation,
emancipation bound in a web of
shattered glass.

They bladder and blather next to my
Space. Starstruck, whiskered fortune whispers
To sell out the trees for a single,
Blank night.

It is not in my energy to please.
Excuse my salvation, it is not the
Solitude I sought. Exile in a bottle,
Fractured congestion. Gut swells with
Liquid proof.

Nipples ooze condensed milk
Spattering over the hemlock
Malnourishing the forgotten drama,
I hover in third-person.

In the cough of a coin, I have bought you.
Knees oppressed, bound in the internal
Scarce and scaley womb.
Denial in the first degree. Sneeze,
And wipe.



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