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portrait of Mark Murphy, poet
photo: Christopher Zaleski

Mark writes:

In his introduction to The New Poetry (Bloodaxe, 1993) David Morley said, 'Every age gets the literature it deserves.' However, I am inclined to disagree, rather, every age gets the literature it is allowed. The powers that be in the poetry world control and filter what is seen by the poetry reading public, which is just a small part of a bigger cultural hegemony that goes on largely unnoticed under capitalist society in the West.

The editor of DeadDrunkDublin has given me the opportunity here to present a different voice to the mainstream, a marginal voice, a revolutionary voice, if you like.

Every act is political. Every age is political. Our age deserves a literature that challenges the prevailing ideology, the ideas that war and privation for countless millions of the world's poor are necessary evils.


C u l t u r a l   H e g e m o n y

V  o  i  c  e  s    i  n    t  h  e    M  a  r  g  i  n  s

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