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( f a c t s   e x t r a c t e d   f r o m   w h a t
  t h e   P h i l a d e l p h i a   Z o o   w o r k e r
  s a i d   i n   t h e   B l u e   H o r i z o n    B a r )

b y    R o b e r t   B o h m

Such strong jaws: perfectly evolved hinges
and muscles for crushing bones while eating meat.
Sometimes the bodies grow to a length of 5 feet
and weigh close to 250 lbs.
There are 3 basic types:
the brown, the striped and the one called
“the laughing hyena” because
its nocturnal cry resembles
a demented human being’s whimpering.

Additional characteristics,
in no particular order, are:
forelegs longer than hind legs
a tendency to eat only what others kill
4-toed feet

Also significant:
although ignorant, hyenas apparently enjoy
solitary walks late at night
and don’t, even when things aren’t going right,
babble about bad karma or cry for mama

While you work or watch TV or play,
the hyenas in the background grow fatter every day.



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