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palmfire4 : terri carrion


r o b e r t   d u n c a n   a n d   b i n   r a m k e
m e e t    u p    f o r   a   d r i n k*

t e r r i   c a r r i o n

But they are not in a landscape
They exist in an obscurity

Ramke: I could not believe in god,
whose ghost would not believe in me.
Duncan: A soliloquy! A soliloquy
Ramke: No, my good lord, he speaks the common tongue
Which all men speak with him.
Duncan: It is the girl the man knows nothing of.
Ramke: She slenderly floats down the ruined star.
Duncan: We are not any wiser than the books we have written
Ramke: The bird, far from its name, flies
From the name I have given it.
Duncan: I would avoid the chattering of birds,
The twittering in gid and gawdy awake
Ramke: We choose to call it song, endowed
As we are with a nervous past.


*All lines, including epigram, are taken from poems in Bin Ramke’s Wake and Robert Duncan’s Selected Poems.


© copyright 2004, terri carrion, all rights reserved



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