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by vernyce dannells

These earliest hours in a state that never sleeps I have
heard its quietest moments. Just before dawn from my Garden
State garden apartment...
The most prolific crop seems toxicity of soil and soul,
dominates a landscape natives defensively, wistfully swear
was once stunning. Now it joins the framed and famed mega-
lopolis even the most uneducated of mind and enlightened
of corporations boasts stretches from The Apple to Philly...
Forms the ever metastasizing Cancer Corridor oncologists or
those who no longer evade realities know lurks in the trade
of time for tinsel.
What brought me to this place, often as not you too,
is "opportunity." I seek it here among these infested sites,
perhaps more urgently. I want my color and kind to emerge
essentially unscathed and soon, but wiser.


copyright © 2003
from "temporarily abated"
a new collection



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