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  rodger jacobs short stories on


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Rodger Jacobs is an award-winning screenwriter, journalist, and documentary producer. As a journalist his work has appeared in a wide and diverse array of national publications.

The publishers of Eye Magazine boasted their first complete sell-out issue on the stands with Rodger’s November 1999 cover story Exhausted: The Dark Secrets of Johnny Wadd, a hard-hitting account of his labors and travails as associate producer on the controversial documentary Wadd (Winner of the 1999 South By Southwest Film Festival award for Best Feature Documentary).

Among the many features commissioned by Eye Magazine from Rodger Jacobs throughout 1999 and 2000 were Force Majeure, a grim look at the perceived increase in natural disasters worldwide; The Naked and the Dead, a sobering account of online purveyors of faux necrophilia videos; and Arrested Development, an examination of how the adult entertainment industry has emerged as a viable but highly questionable career option for American youth.

A frank and startling expose of B-movie pioneer Tom Laughlin, The Seven Deadly Sins of Billy Jack, graced the cover of the final issue of Eye, which ceased publication in July 2000 after six years on the stands.

For Hustler magazine from Larry Flynt Publications, Rodger Jacobs composed two feature-length investigative articles: Extreme Porn (February ‘99), concerning the extremities that mainstream adult video producers have gone to in order to increase market share; and Illegal Porn (August ‘99), an attempt to determine what pornographic material can be deemed illegal in a country that allows no Federal standard for obscenity.

In mid-2000 Rodger signed on as a contributing editor for E Commerce Business Magazine, an ill-fated venture from trade publication giant Cahners Publishing. Before Cahners pulled the plug on E Commerce after less than 12 issues, Rodger contributed several feature articles on the dubious future of electronic books, the Napster controversy, website performance measuring and monitoring, peer-to-peer computing, and several other New Economy subjects too arcane to mention.

Rodger’s by-line has also appeared in the pages of Gen-X, Panik, Swank, Juxtapoz, Mind Kites, and numerous others.
Before freelancing, Rodger served as Editor In Chief of New Rave Magazine (Amlon Publishing) from September 1998 to August 1999.

Aside from the aforementioned Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes, Rodger has contributed to scores of documentaries as a writer and producer, including a trio of feature-length films for The Monterey Movie Company: Women: First and Foremost, World War II: From Bread Lines to Boom Times, and Guns of the Civil War.

Under the pseudonym Martin Brimmer, Rodger has been awarded the Adult Video News award for excellence in adult cinema on three occasions: Best Screenplay (Film) in 1999 for Looker, Best Screenplay (Video) in 2000 for Double Feature, and a shared prize for Best Sex Comedy with director Jonathan Morgan for M: Caught in the Act (2001).

Before abandoning adult films as a full-time occupation in 1997, Rodger earned the distinction of becoming the highest paid screenwriter in the forty-year history of the business.

Reporters frequently seek Rodger’s expert observations about the $8 billion-a-year adult entertainment industry for inclusion in their articles. His comments have appeared in news stories for The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Salon, The Forward, The Industry Standard, and Online Journalism Review.

Prior to embarking on a writing career, Rodger relocated from his native San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, where he practiced the Hollywood Shuffle for an interminably long period of time, aimlessly bouncing about in various occupations for several years including five years as a stage manager for historic Hollywood Center Studios, a hired gun screenwriter for low-rent producers whose checks somehow always miraculously cleared, and a stint as research consultant on the 1980 Walter Hill western The Long Riders.

He is divorced, the father of one daughter, and currently resides in Northern California.


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