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sean brijbasi portrait on index of stories

s t o r i e s

:  s e a n   b r i j b a s i

the annihilation of the spectator

interior without violin case

the purpose of green in the bikini machine shop

"Discarded moments. Unfinished gestures. Lived in London. Resident of Sweden. Live in Washington DC. In East Berlin before the wall fell. In Russia before glasnost. Jazz in Copenhagen. Switchblade in Paris. Lost in Helsinki. Bar fight in Auckland. Awake for 3 straight days in Reykjavik. Bored in Brussels. Green light in Amsterdam. Red light in Hamburg. And more..."

the stories 'the annihilation of the spectator' and 'interior without
violin case' are from brijbasi's book Still Life
in Motion
published by PretendGeniusPress

brijbasi is a contributing editor of, "the ineffable home of filth and genius."

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