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banshee poem by andrew lovatt on
night creatures : a.lovatt





b a n s h e e

b y    a n d r e w    l o v a t t

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If the cry
were a Banshee
would it not
have been shrill
or curling
like a pipe
exhaling grief?

It would have pierced
the dark sky
and shattered
the sleep
of the complacent,
if it were a cry
and not a bleat
of some minor

Were it substantial

Or perhaps
such a sound
as Banshees make
doesn't travel
more than a valley
or short distance
and the hearer
being farther
hears no more
than a whisper

This is possible

However it was
in the moment
it passed like a drop
of rain in a ricefield
full of water
one more
little piece
to the puzzle

Was it you, calling?


past midnight