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photo gold icons at san telmo buenos aires argentina by ignacio fusilier
icons at san telmo, buenos aires, argentina
by ignacio fusilier







h y p - n o - t i c k

b y    a n d r e w    l o v a t t

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What lethargy
lurks in the dark
undertow of our stream
beckoning hints
beneath the sparkle
of surface glitter?

Where is the one
in the many impulses
that dance in chains
of automaticness
yet beguile always
as if this were real
living life lived?

The noise of geared
life draws attention
to the squeal of brakes
daring us not
to escape the bound
routine for a dangerous
curve lies ahead.

The gods of usualness
catch our eye
with glints of apparent
new currencies
which only with age
show themselves
to be the same
in a new shell.

Our breath is
the pnevmatic
silent soul
unheard behind
and within the eye
so we may ask
who is watching
this play?

Or at end points
see the silence
in the noise
and something
seeing it
watching & noting
its own existence
by its absence.


newbridge : 28.03.03