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andrew lundwall picture the fuck-idol juncture line on

e x c e r p t s   f r o m:

t h e   f u c k - i d o l   j u n c t u r e   l i n e

a n d r e w   l u n d wa l l


l o v e   j u n c t u r e

DROOPING in fingers silence of city genitals fuck-idol folds nearing censers sudden we breath fuck-idol hall all bell clamouring love juncture bathed time female design off art beatifically wet spoken pillow entrance idol's sipped sexxx encounter divinity touches cloud-walking idol fire naughty you now plucked surrender groan like those peachblossoms asked me down naked hips fire better loaded from coming on homage when my silence nearing pleas of sound of sleep simply me there got moments us indeed flush in curved art ear hands body mouths hips swollen naughty fingers dawn hands nibble plastic outta fuck thrust and immediately palm images the sexxx picture groaning warmer time's fault-line


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