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andrew lundwall picture the fuck-idol juncture line on

e x c e r p t s   f r o m:

t h e   f u c k - i d o l   j u n c t u r e   l i n e

a n d r e w   l u n d wa l l


s e d u c t i v e

EYES meet seductive mind stuffed to open to be friends before gypsies wheels white little blue the bite that kissed occur-red behind us behind spread of eyes fault-line she hands thrust unto creating and transformations darknesses proof heat stripped hands of undressed standing that urge sound silence warmer for this a deeper flush passing unto swarming these mind send eyes lover over like swollen dreams of rain cream thrusts time slowly burning the coming cordial expanded a satiated dark wants kiss almost coming home hour cigarettes plant leap year said breathed in shocking time beat off to your convinced contrast the corridor there soul song land pretty ritual homage of your flick fire hands outline time again wind's naughty mistress cumming fault-line top chamber-maid occurred sexxx the lineage heaving ticket spread the fuck-idol against graffitti light


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