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charles mingus

color photo from JC Myers "20th Century Blues" on
Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life

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by john g. hall

Mingus' music waited in the strings'
jump, dust sat down and prayed
for fingers, thumbs and hits.
Loose gone tight , tight gone loose
blue loops gave him the notes to play
wrapped around him like girls hips.
Dots like lost continents amongst the waves
drops of black and white paying dues to Africa,
Jesus even billy-clubs in the darkness worshiped.
After the booze the jazzed rage slid along
the hallelujah ropes, angel licking his soul,
devil clipping his wings, man shining-up his shoes. Yet
the sounds sat it out, patiently waiting like death
until the storm before the calm poured down his gift,
Mingus music weighted in the string's.


copyright © 2003
John G. Hall



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