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banshee poem by andrew lovatt on

grafton street sky
alovatt : 03

some words

by john g. hall

Some words are placed for audience
the gravestone, the eviction notice.
The competition winning anthology
of prescription, recipe and warning.

Some words are placed for effect
the 'fuck you' tattoo, the Oxfam badge.
The affirmation of self-deluded nihilism
of manifesto, ego and sex less sex.

Some words are placed for safe-keeping
the priests forgiveness, the cops note-book.
The forgotten slip of the souls tongue
of loose lips, oaths and public prisons.

Some words are placed for pain
the gun manual, the lovers guide.
The powerful squeeze of male fingers
of triggers, truth's and nervous kisses.

Some words are placed for minding
the boy abused, the woman raped
The unfurling terror of king & queen
of chains, soft whispers and hard fists.

Some words are placed in secret
the damp earth , the poets grave.
The poets poem the ground disturbed
by letters, paper & the shovel of words.


copyright © 2003
John G. Hall



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