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Transit Zone by Martin Burke < back : index : next >   

A n   O b j e c t

See it;
let the mind explore its outward
and inwardness;
let it explore your mind;
submit yourself to its findings
and make no strategy beforehand;
yield as much as you probe;
take it in your hands
and submit to its physical self;
do not, as yet, seek to give it a name,
allow it to alter you,
take that new enlightenment and probe further;
acknowledge the parallels and differences
it makes with other objects you have known;
is it rough? is it smooth? you decide
or better still let it decide for you;
admit that you will never fully understand
nor exhaust its many meanings,
that it is as playful as it is serious,
that you flounder there in amazement,
that you will perform this ritual repeatedly,
that delight awaits you there each time
it being what it is and what it will yet be.

See it, explore it, submit to its flow,
whatever you do don't ignore it.


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