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Martin writes:

This will strike any reader of poetry as an odd assemblage of poems - which is exactly what it is, which is exactly what it intends to be.

The poems display the fact that they were not written under a coherent guiding principle but were assembled in a hap-hazard manner over the course of a year. The reason for this is simple. Mostly I tend to write long, book-length poems -something which while personally very satisfying is none the less hard to find a publisher for. However in the space between two such long projects (one of which will appear in a future 'issue' of DDD) these were jotted down as they came -without forethought, without having them operate under the guidance of any operating principle, & without the intention to 'make a collection' of them. However in spite of this there is an un-stated but personally pleasing aspect to this work which makes me think that they are worth publishing.

Some may appear in a future collection. If this is so then that collection will not be a straight copy of the work presented here. All collections are a matter of shaping & arranging & sometime what is appealing in an individual poem is divisive in a collection.

Yet here they stand -& I am glad that they will stand in DDD, where space has been given them to breathe a little in a way that the publication of an individual poem in various journals over a period of time would not allow. Were I not in the process of assembling rather than of publishing then no doubt there would be some differences as to what to include & what to leave out. Indeed there is one poem which will I think rub people the wrong way & perhaps give a false impression of my 'tastes' & precedents from which I have, but not always, received pleasure & instruction. It is not necessary to say which poem this is -the reader, bless them, will make such a judgement for themselves & this is a process which no writer must ever interfere with.

So here they are. Odd bits, loose ends, jotting & scribblings between project that demanded, & demand, more time then I sometimes possess.
If they stand with their faults, which they do, they also stand with their little joys as caution to the over-cautious mind which all writers wander in & out of.

Even so, they do, I think, deserve a hearing in the world -which is why they are given here in the shape & form that they are.

Acknowledgements are due to the editors of Proof; Projected Letters; Shearsman; Peer Poetry Magazine; and Foothills Publishing N.Y., where many of these pieces first appeared.


T r a n s i t    Z o n e

b y   M a r t i n    B u r k e

Blank Page - Why Are You So Inviting?

P a r t   O N E


Three Stanzas on Water


The Sound of Water

The Lake


The Weir

Minnewater Park, Brugge

A Note on E. P.

A Prophecy

An Object

Hit and Miss



The Birds 

Y. R.

J. P.

Half Way

The Beauty of One and the Other

P a r t   T W O


Notations (1)

A Notation


Edwin Muir

A Thought from Wordsworth

From a Survivor's Notebook

Dream / Real / Dream


A Farewell to Peter Russell



Meanwhile Chagall

33 The Ressurection Stone

34 Walking at April's Ending


An African Blanket

Notations (2)

Storm at Winter's Ending


Spoken and Unsaid


P a r t   T H R E E

Response 1 : Seamus Heaney

Response 2 : Wendell Berry

Brugge : 1 to 5


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