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Transit Zone by Martin Burke     < back : index : next >   

N a v i g a t i o n s

And there is this:-

how we took the wrong road and ended up in the mountains
on a track
barely wide enough for our rented car; where we stopped
and saw
the valley we otherwise would have missed and were
grateful for that
as if our wrong turn had led to a destined rightness as we
sat on the stones
on the side of the track to view it all the better. Such as this
active and glowing when all else fades – as if everything
was a sign
to be decoded according to the signals of the day. As if
our ‘mistake’
was an older language we were returning to – a wisdom
(if you will)
to be lived through like alchemy. And yet as we sat there
warm in the sun
viewing the valley it was enough that its accuracy was what
it was.
We delighted in that. We took it all in and made ready
to carry on –
not by maps but by following the road where it led,
trusting to it
in a surety more full than our own; a method we were learning
to go by
as we went in wonderment of the language we then needed
for the navigations of arrival.


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