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b i o
Robert Bohm, a poet and culture writer, was born in Queens, NY. He has been published in a variety of print and electronic journals. His recent chapbook Uz Um War Moan Ode, praised by poet Sharon Doubiago as a book that reveals “the quality and depth of his vision and work,” is available from Pudding House Publications – more info is on Rob's site - here .

Publications also include the poetry volume In the Americas, a non fiction book Notes on India and a poetry chapbook Kali Yuga.

Visit Robert's sites, Unburials: The Writer as Graverobber and his unswerving blog Lethal Injections for the conditioned mind.

One of Many Preludes

A   c o l l e c t i o n   o f   p o e m s

b y   R o b e r t   B o h m


Intro: Prefatory Notes to Whatever Happens Next

( one of many preludes )

volsky, aged 64, long beach, ny

walking into a room while
recalling a woman named rosa


dear helen

( facts extracted from what
  the Philadelphia Zoo worker
  said in the Blue Horizon Bar

good lover coming going

downpour  /  Lenape Trail

be at tranquility house
when the time's right
and Do It NOW

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